25 February 2013

7 Quick Takes Monday

"7 Quick Takes Friday" is a thing that is going around Catholic blogs right now, but I'm going to do a 7 Quick Takes Monday because Mondays are a busy day for me.

- 1 -

Both Matt and Abigail have been sick for the last few days. So our weekend looked like this:

Just kidding. That was about five minutes of it. Abigail didn't feel like taking this cold laying down.

- 2 -

I desperately need to reorganize the pictures on my hard drive. Between Sheep & Co's product pictures, pictures of Abigail, and pictures of Chicago, I've discovered that my old organizational system isn't up to the task of high volume. The entire process will probably take hours longer than it needs to and I'm kind of dreading it.

- 3 -

We're going to Michigan later this week to do some house hunting. We're looking to buy a small home in Lansing (where Matt's job is) or a condo in a town about 30 minutes away (Howell). We applied for pre-approval for a mortgage. They'll get back to us by the day we plan to leave for Michigan at the latest. We really don't want to drive to Michigan if we can't get pre-approved. We have made a trip to Michigan every month since we moved to Chicago and we're really freakin' a bit tired of making the journey. Abigail hates long car rides and I have a small bladder. So, I'm really hoping that we find out soon if we don't qualify.

- 4 -

Today's high was suppose to be in the low 40s, which I thought would be great to go for a walk. The tires on Abigail's stroller are flat from months of sitting in a closet and it was colder than I'd hoped, but it felt soooo good to get out.

This is the alley behind our apartment.

This is the lobby in my entrance:

Here's our imposing court yard:

- 5 -

I freaking love Chicago. I wish we didn't have to move.

- 6 -

I have been working on some Easter cloches for my Etsy shop. I'm striving to have them listed by the first of March.

- 7 -

When I went away to college (eight and a half years ago!!!), I bought two tapestries from Bed Bath and Beyond to decorate my bare, no-nails-allowed walls. I shlepped them around from dorm to apartment to apartment, finding random uses for the $19.99 - 20% textiles. They've really come in handy over the years. Especially when the blinds in our kitchen window broke.

I have a spare curtain rod, but the power drill's battery no longer holds a charge and there is no way I'm going to get the brackets into the wall without it. So I went all ghetto on the window.

Those are gen-u-ine Lake of Michigan rocks you see there. Collected from our local beach last summer when we first moved in.

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Kate Sherwood said...

I love your lobby and your courtyard!