26 January 2013

To Michigan and Back

Sorry I have been so absent as of late. I spent the first half of the week in Michigan, taking Abigail to her regularly scheduled doctors' appointments. Or, at least, the doctors' appointments that couldn't wait until we get insurance in August. I find it well worth my time to drive 260 miles to the University of Michigan CS Mott Children's Hospital rather than transfer Abigail's care and get established with new Chicago doctors for just a few more months. Matt stayed in Chicago, so it was just Abigail and I. The trip should only take about 4 hours, but as soon as I saw this:

I started seeing this:

Which quickly became this:

Cue screaming baby, stop-and-go-traffic, and an extra 2 hours of travel time. The next morning, Abigail needed to fast for one of her tests, so she was in a wonderful mood. More snow, more traffic, and 6 hours at the hospital running tests and meeting with doctors. The following day contained a few more doctors and some blood work. Thankfully by the time we drove back to Chicago, Abigail was so exhausted that she slept the entire way. Everything went well, though.

The cardiologist said the heart looks good. The pulmonologist said the lungs look good and we may be we can take her off her medication this summer. The pediatrician said nothing looks bad enough that we have to do something about it. The hematologist said she doesn't have leukemia. For one more year, she has a clean bill of health.

And when we got home, Abigail was so over joyed that she played quietly with her toys by herself until Matt got home early from work. And he was so excited to see her that he fed her dinner, gave her a bath, and put her to bed without me having to lose a few rounds of rock-paper-scissors.

I've been hard at work on my Etsy shop. I'm shooting for a grand opening of February 4th. On top of the added work of the shop, Abigail is sick. But nothing important is falling behind thanks to my Mother's Rule of Life, meaning that I'm staying on top of Abigail's therapy,  giving her lots of one-on-one playtime, getting personal time, and my house is way cleaner than it's ever been before. All with lower levels of stress. Holiness for Housewives and A Mother's Rule of Life have honestly revolutionized my life. They have fundamentally and radically changed it. Even Matt has been noticing that I'm less stressed, in a good mood more often, and that the bathroom gets cleaned more often.

Anyway, I've got some product to photograph in this perfect afternoon lighting, so fare thee well, my friends!

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Matt said...

so freaking cute! I'm so glad she's my kid :D