31 January 2013

Sheep & Company

It finally happened, my friends. I have an Etsy shoppe. You can browse it here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/sheepandcompany

I also have a page on Facebook, if you're interested: http://www.facebook.com/SheepandCompany

It has been a good journey. One that was met with some initial resistance, self doubt, feelings of inadequacy. It took a lot of will power, strength, but mostly the feeling that I didn't want to go back when I had finally come this far. I pushed myself, and as a result, I grew. I like this adventurous new me.

I want what every Etsy shop owner wants: to make millions and be featured on The Today Show. Just kidding. I want to make back my initial investment, help pay down the law school debt, and pour every extra cent into a trust fund for Abigail. My very first sale, though, will be given to our local parish when the collection plate comes around. First fruits, you see.

I am super excited to also be able to spend my evenings crocheting without loosing any more closet space to finished products of which I already have way too many. When we moved to Florida, I gave away about a dozen hand crocheted afghans to my parents and my in-laws. Because I seriously had that many extra.

Anyway, I didn't open Sheep & Co with a pina colada, since 7:30pm on Thursday isn't a calorie cheat day, but Matt was with me and I did record the event in my planner. Maybe when I get my second sale, I'll drink. I don't know if God would appreciate a pina colada with my first fruits. He seems more the wine type.

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