29 January 2013

A non-Series of Humorous Events

When Abigail decides that I've had enough time on the computer, she scoots over to me, pulls up to stand against my leg, rises up on to her tippy toes, her little fists clutching handfulls of my jeans, and peers ever-so-cutely up at me. When I pick her up, she rewards me with a huge smile. But woe to those who are deceived by the cute face. As soon as she is in my lap, she turns, and lunges for the computer. If the cute face doesn't work, she'll try yelling at me. She plops down on the floor and just yells, "AHHHHHHH!" When I ignore the yelling, she'll bring me little trinkets, her toy truck, her sun glasses, her little plastic bracelets. This is the third and final straw. If I do not get off the computer, she'll proceed to bang her head against the floor.

Abigail's therapists encouraged us to get her imaginative play toys for Christmas, especially baby dolls. I was assured that children who are raised with loving, nurturing parents imitate that care with their baby dolls. Abigail received a few dolls for Christmas. Do you want to know what she does with them? She hurls them across the room. Or she holds them by their legs and bangs their heads against the ground. Partially mortified, I immediately started encouraging Abigail to hug her dolls. Which she does. Before she hurls them across the room.

It took Abigail over a year to learn to learn her first sign, "more." It took her two days to learn to sign "fish." It was totally worth all the hassle it took to fix the motor in my old fishy floor lamp.

People tell me all the time that Abigail is "getting so big!" I laugh inside at this because she has only grown 2 inches and gained 2 lbs since her 1st birthday 8 months ago. She wears 12-month size clothing. Abigail still hasn't tripled her birth weight, which typically developing kids do by age 1. My tiny, little toddler.

In other news, we have reached a new level of hair accessories. The mini-scrunchie level. Refer to the above photo of Abigail hugging her doll to see her rocking the sparkly pink and sparkly white ones. Epic levels of cuteness over here, my friends.

The Etsy shop preparations are still going magnificently. I am on target to be ready for the Grand Opening before the projected date of Monday 4 February. I am not going to hurry, but if I can get the final things in place, I'll open on Friday at 7:30pm CST. I may or may not have a pina colada in hand to toast with Matt in celebration.

I'm writing the patterns to my hats, so I created my own pattern book to keep them all together. It is really, really fulfilling to be able to hold it in my hands and know that I finally had the guts to turn my dream into reality. Even if it completely falls on its face and the only way I sell a hat is if I beg my dad to buy one, at least I finally stopped talking and started doing. Anyway, we'll see how this week goes, so this isn't an official announcement of the grand opening, just an official hope.

Lastly, I took another step in the world of frugality. I made my own non-stick cooking spray. Store-bought stuff is pretty cheap, about $2, and lasts a few months, so I wasn't sure if it would be worth it. When I hopped online, the recipe sounded simple, but lots of people were recommending putting it in a fancy gourmet sprayer called a Misto. I had my reservations, but a quick search revealed that the non-aerosol sprayer could be picked up at Bed, Bath & Beyond for a mere $10. Now, we all know that anyone who pays full price at Bed, Bath & Beyond is a sucka, and I try not to be a sucka, so I grabbed a 20% off coupon from my hoard of BB&B coupons, and scored the Misto for $8. The cost of the oil is negligible (2T per cup of water for the recipe I used), meaning that for $8, I just bought a lifetime supply of non-stick cooking spray. Sans the lecithin, dimethyl silicone, and butane, of course.

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