18 December 2012

Playing Tourists, Part II

You'll have to forgive my late post this week. Yesterday I had the worst migraine of my life - blinding pain, shaking, nausea, dizziness. I had to call Matt to come home early from work. Today I still have a lingering headache, so he's staying home this morning to be sure it doesn't explode into a migraine again. I think I tweaked something doing yoga yesterday because I've got serious shoulder and neck pain as well. Not just sore-cause-I-worked-out, but shooting pains when I lift my shoulders too high. That's what I get for not waiting until Abigail was asleep and letting her crawl underneath me and pull up on me while I'm doing downward dog.

Anyway, I spent all of Saturday wrapping the remaining presents (I finished the Epic Crochet Project of 2012) and baking dozens and dozens of cookies to give away and eat at Christmas (my freezer is so full I can barely close it). It felt really good to get everything done, so Matt and I enjoyed Sunday off by going downtown to check out some Christmas sights.

A few weeks ago while we were going for a walk, Abigail took off her hat and threw it and I missed it. I went looking for the hat the next day, but it was gone. We popped into Old Navy while we were out the other day and picked up another hat on clearance, but I think the longest it stayed on her head was about 8 seconds, only 3 seconds longer than the hood stayed on. I am going to sew ribbons to the hat so that it can be tied under her chin and hopefully stay on a bit longer. Anyway, that's why Abigail is not wearing anything on her head in any of these pictures. While we were out, we swung by the building where Matt works.

He works on the 20th floor of the Civic Opera Building, a very historic building with tons of offices above the theater that had a live performance going on that evening. "15 minutes til the curtain goes up! 15 minutes til show time!" A sharply dressed man called while opening taxis for women in sparkling skirts. We meandered through the crowds, checked in with security, and wound our way up to the office. Matt's corner office:

The view from two of his windows. The tall building disappearing into the clouds on the left is the  Willis Sears Tower. From the office kitchen, you can see where the river (running N to the left and E to the right) meets the infamous shipping canal (the part pointing toward the window).

After we toured where daddy works, we went to an outdoor Christmas market that takes over the Daley Plaza every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's a German/Polish traditional festival and the old-fashioned wooden booths sell hand-carved wood nativities, hand-blown glass ornaments, and hand-made beer steins, all imported from abroad and half the shopkeepers speaking broken English at best.

We meandered around downtown, taking in the sights

Until we ended up at Macy's, which seemed like a traditional place to go for the holidays. Eight escalators later, we found ourselves staring at several-story-tall Christmas tree

And then back down to the ground floor where we browsed $100 perfumes under a mosaic tile ceiling:

When Abigail fell asleep, Matt and I grabbed a bite, sitting at the counter at the window. It almost felt like we were on a date.

Now, you may be wondering to yourself how I ended up with this fancy new backpack style carrier after my professed love of slings. Well, I think I have become obsessed with finding the perfect child carrier and shall never cease in my willingness to give a new one a try. A friend recommended to me an Ergo baby carrier with the note that her child, who is about the same weight as mine, can be worn even while unloading the dishwasher without causing back pain. I can't lean over with the sling (she'd fall out) or cook (she can reach whatever I'm doing). I was also attracted to the on-the-back style of carry. My sling, which is great for jaunts through stores or when I need the ability to take her on and off quickly (while trying on clothes, at restaurants, etc), is not very good when it comes to going for walks (when I don't use the stroller) and sight-seeing downtown. Abigail's low muscle tone means that she doesn't like to use her abs when I carry her and long-term standing carries mean neck and back strain. The Ergo was perfect for our downtown trip. Abigail is seated such that she primarily leans backward when she's not using her abs and her weight completely disappears on my back. I feel like I'm carrying a nearly empty backpack. Plus it comes with a little hood that can be snapped to the shoulder straps to hold Abigail's head up when she falls asleep. BRILLIANT. When she went down, the hood went up, and I got two free hands with which to eat dinner. I think the Ergo and the sling compliment one another very nicely. Where the Ergo lacks (takes longer to put on, can't access Abigail as easily in the back carry), I can use the sling. Where the sling lacks (as described above), I can use the Ergo. Thanks, Mrs. S!

And then there is Little Miss whose diet has grown increasingly narrower since we last spoke.

She removed lentils with veggies and oatmeal from her diet. She's down to bananas, grilled cheese, fruit and grain bars, fruit snacks, and cookies. It's bad. She also completely refused the chicken nugget, preferring to go hungry instead of eat it. There were tears, head bangings, accusatory stares. I rescheduled all of Abigail's appointments (the ones we has to cancel when we came home early from Thanksgiving) to the middle of next month, so I'll ask the pediatrician about it. I spoke to enough moms since my last post to know that Abigail is acting pretty normal. I just want to be sure she's not in danger of becoming mal-nurished.

It's a good thing God makes them so cute!


Katy said...

i love the picture of her standing at the gate! it says so clearly, "i'm trying to cause trouble here!"

Jacqueline said...

She's really good at it...