13 December 2012


Abigail has really been exploding with new accomplishments. She also started signing "more" and "kitty" when she hears us saying them. I took a video of her showing off her mad skills (she primarily signs "more" with her thumbs, but she's been doing a proper "more" with her fingers more often lately):

Tuesday was craft table fun time. Abigail and I decided to get serious about creating a place for me to craft.

My previous arrangement (which is the same one I've had since...ever), was a bunch of yarn, felt, and  painting/stamps shoved in a closet and sewing, needlepoint/embroidery, and paper crafts stuffed in an overly-full foot locker trunk. My sewing machine was on the top shelf of the closet in its box. In order to use it, I'd have to get the step ladder, take my sewing machine down, take it out of the box, set it up, make my project, pack the sewing machine back up, and put it back in the closet. When I want to craft something, I take over the kitchen table for an afternoon, so I would have to finish the project by dinnertime or it would go back in the closet for so long that I lost interest or forgot where I was by the time I could pull it out again. The start up/take down costs to crafting were outrageous.

But we scored a good-size crafting table for $20 at Ikea (the chair was an additional $15) and everything comes apart very easily when we move again. (In 7 months!) I have a decorative shelf that has long been sitting rather empty since Abigail can reach the bottom three shelves. I moved out what few items sat on it and added some crafting supplies. Abigail doesn't (yet) pull baskets off a shelf to get inside them, so I'm good for a little while longer.

Before and After:

I know it doesn't look like much, but I'm in heaven! I still have the yarn in the closet, but now it fits much better and I opened up a few shelves. I also still keep the paper crafts and fabric in the trunk, but I pulled out my embroidery trunk (on the bottom left shelf with the gold trim), so everything fits with a little space to spare. It is a bit daunting, though. All those crafts just staring at me, taunting me to be more productive. Matt noted that I shouldn't succumb to their bullying, as crafts were made for Jacqueline, not Jacqueline for crafts.

I find myself bringing my laptop over to the workspace during the day, though, gravitating toward the pull of my own creative place. We share a lot of the desk items (pencil holder, external hard drive, printer), so it wouldn't be very practical to have two desks right now (plus I'd have to move everything in order to sew). Anyway, while I still dream of one day having my fabric and yarn all in one place with my design books and computer to create a creative dream space, this recent improvement is more than enough to send my spirits to cloud nine.

While I was going through things, I found a few needlepoint crafts that I finished years ago, just sitting there waiting for frames.

Anyway, Abigail did think it was a lot of fun to reorganize, putting my yarn in and taking it out of the baskets over and over and rolling empty ribbon spools around the living room.

I would now like to put my picture-taking skills to shame by showing you some by a professional. Matt's brother brought his camera long to the Matt's swearing in and gave me permission to post the photos on my blog.

So I'd like to be totally selfish and vain here for a minute and be excited about how I look in these photos because I've been loosing weight! I'm not where I want to be yet, but I'm excited to look down and not see as much chub.

I officially hit my pre-pregnancy weight right before Thanksgiving (and I managed not to gain a single pound over the feasting holiday), so now I'm trying to loose the extra weight I had before I got pregnant. I'm about half-way there. Weight for me has always been a struggle and I'd really like to get to my goal weight and learn how to maintain it.

This is a photo of me earlier this year, or, about 20 pounds ago.

Forgive the costumes, we were on our way to a sock hop.

30 pounds down, 30 pounds to go. My goal is to get there by Abigail's 2nd birthday.

I'm thankful for an open next couple of days where I should be able to get lots of things done without feeling overwhelmed or sacrificing family time. I need to finish my epic crochet project and buying Christmas presents, wrap said presents, go grocery shopping, bake about 12 dozen cookies to give away to co-workers, therapists, and neighbors as gifts, finish designing the Christmas cards so that we can mail them out before January, and reschedule all those doctors' appointments we canceled when Abigail got sick. In addition to the daily making of dinner, sweeping of floors, cleaning of litter plans, physical therapy, and, of course, exercising and eating healthy to loose more weight. I'll also reserve a couple of hours to work on any design projects that come my way and do some writing for a book I'm working on ; )

Merry Almost Christmas, my friends!


Liz E. said...

Cool new craft space! It's the little things in life, right? You have me VERY curious about your crocheting. If you ever want to guest post at the snipper, let me know :o).

Jacqueline said...

Yes, it is definitely the little things sometimes! I'd LOVE to guest post! Maybe after the new year? The project reveal should be a good one!