29 November 2012

The Most Exciting News


Yup, you read that right - our prayers were answered! It is with the Michigan Court of Appeals in our home state of Michigan (specifically Lansing). It is almost exactly what Matt was doing when he clerked for three judges over the course of his law school career. From my super-technical understanding, he'll be part of a pool of research lawyers handling incoming appeals. The job is really for one year and the Court has the option to renew him for a total of three years. It has been said that judges often pick their clerks out of this pool and Matt would love to clerk his way up to the Michigan Supreme Court. Additionally, the three previous judges, several of Matt's professors, and his current employer have all spoken very highly of Matt's skills and talents, not to mention Matt's mad networking skills, so we really believe this job has the ability to last as long as we want it to.

As if things could get any more wonderful, the job perfectly lines up with his current position. He'll finish in Chicago in July 2013 and the Court would like him to begin in August 2013. A-maz-ing.

It actually wasn't as easy as it sounds though. Matt interviewed in person in mid-October and was told to expect to hear back by the beginning of November. He thought the interview went well, but didn't think he had the job in the bag, so to speak. The weeks ticked by and it was almost mid-November before we started giving up hope. Sure enough, a few days before Thanksgiving, the rejection letter (dun-dun-dun) arrived in the mail. It wasn't a typical form letter, though, as it specifically said that should Matt still be interested in working for the Court when his fellowship ended, they would like him to follow back up. They also mentioned in the letter that Matt met all of the qualifications necessary for the job (was that part of the form letter?), so we were confused why he didn't get the position. We were angry and disappointed, but after a few days of frustration, we decided that it must not be what God wanted for us. A week after we let it go, Matt got a phone call with an offer.

We've officially accepted and the paperwork is officially on the way. We're satisfied with the salary and it comes with MEDICAL BENEFITS! That's almost my favorite part. My top favorite part is the dependability of knowing where we will be living and working in 8-9 months. It is very stressful to know you have to move within a year but have no idea where you'll be. But not anymore! No more job hunting on the weekends - just sheer enjoyment of a stable life!

We're flirting with the idea of buying a starter house in Lansing. From what we've seen online, housing is extremely inexpensive in that area and we like the idea of a very short commute. We have tons of work in front of us if we choose that route, so we're still just in the fun, brainstorming stages. Matt would like to stay with the court for 5-8 years and we'd really love to pay a mortgage instead of rent. If things stay stable in Michigan, it is feasible that by the time Matt is ready to move on from the Court, we would have no law school debt and own our own small home. It's far in the future, but it's fun to imagine.


Cam said...

Oh my goodness!!!! Yay! That's awesome!

There are so many beautiful houses here at really low prices (as you guys have seen!)!

You three have to come over to dinner when you get settled! How exciting!!!

Liz said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy (and relieved) for you guys!!!! When we lived in Lansing, we rented a house from a realtor named Adriane Lau. Really liked her, if you are looking for either a house to rent or buy.