27 November 2012

Photo Dump

We are home sweet home in Chicago, Illinois, after cutting our trip a few days short. When I got home late from a girls' night on Saturday to find Abigail congested and having difficulty breathing, I knew we were in for it. We woke up on Sunday to find things not looking any better, so we decided to call off the rest of our trip. With some last-minute phone calls, Matt was sworn in before a judge on Monday morning, we had quick pizza lunch with a few people who turned out to see the event, then we headed back home. I'll have more on the swearing-in ceremony later, once I get some pics - and permission to post them - from my brother-in-law, a pro who brought his fancy camera to the event.

Coming home was a good call though, as Abigail slept through the night for the first time since getting home last night. We're still doing the whole runny-nose-faucet thing combined with the short-tempered-clingy thing. But at least we all have more than 4 hours sleep.

In between periods of grouchy-baby-needs-constant-attention, I cleared off the photos on my cell, Matt's cell, and my camera, some stretching back to the summer. So I'll do one of those trendy photo dump things for a post today. Enjoy!

13 months old. omg. What on earth is up with that hair?

Us hiking in a park just north of Chicago in late August. I made that little sling since Moby Wraps (ie, stretchy fabric slings) don't work as back carriers. Abigail fell asleep shortly after we started are then proceed to slide off to the side and caused some back pain.

On the way back from apartment hunting in Chicago the first time, our train drove right through a balloon festival. I can't remember the town now, but I think it was near Kalamazoo.

Left: I need to go back to the Hershey's store and buy that cookbook. Right: Some jewels at the jewel and gem room in the Field Museum.

Some gorgeous color during a walk we took on my birthday.

The view at my in-law's cabin in upstate Michigan. We visited in mid-October.

A photo Matt took during the first snowfall of the season.

 The city coming into town last night.

The traffic coming into town last night.

Christmas decorations at the Sears Willis Tower.

A view of the city from the park just 1/2 mile from our house. The building with the yellow lights on top is the John Hancock building.

Nobody here but a couple of Michigan State fans. 15-months-old.

14 months. I really like this picture - I took it with my cell phone and sometimes make it the background photo.

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