24 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

The winter sun has been playing with the architecture in my neighborhood, the angle of the sun amongst the tall buildings changing every few weeks. A few days before it left, the sun sliced through the alleyway between my building and my neighbors, stretching across the lawn, landing on the hood of my car.

Anyway, we're back in Michigan now, celebrating Thanksgiving in a town so small, it only has one stoplight. For most directions from my parents' backyard, there are no visible neighbors.

It snowed again, this time it wasn't a surprise we discovered when we woke up, but one that we watched fall from the sky - so heavy for just a few minutes.

Abigail does not like winter coats, hats, hoods, or snow. She's a Florida girl, to be sure. Every time we have nice weather, you can almost see her give a sigh of relief.

Anyway, we have lots of good food, family and friend reunions, parties, and relaxing. Girl's night, date night, coffee dates at small town coffee shops during small business Saturday. A nice slowdown, vacation, from the big city. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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