19 November 2012

Fishy Adventures

A few hours ago, I saw a headline article on Yahoo! News: "Bed Bugs Make a Beeline for Chicago." When I first saw it, I jokingly gasped at my husband, "Oh no, bed bugs!" But I was really thinking, This is the 3rd biggest city in the nation. Of course it is going to have bed bugs. Then I read the article. The specific neighborhood I live in and several surrounding us were listed. By name. As new problem areas. It wasn't just like, "Oh, the north side of Chicago should watch out!" It was more like, "Hey, they live down the street from you." Then I was like, "Oh shit." And then they were like ... ah, but I jest in the heat of a serious moment. I have to keep joking otherwise the knowledge of what I just read and the vigilance that I now need to care about will prevent me from sleeping from now until I have tangible confirmation that I'm bed bugless. Cause it's not really like we can to go a hotel or something. Cause they're bed bugs. Oh geeze.

So after Thanksgiving, I'm going to track down some bed bug indicator traps and start testing monthly so that if all hell tries to break loose, I will nip it in its bloody (haha, get it?) ass before we end up with bug bites.

Anyway, we've been going kinda crazy over here lately, tired of walking the same sidewalks every afternoon, tired of swinging on the same swings at the same park. So Abigail and I decided to go on an adventure on this bright and sunny Monday before the stressful holiday season begins.

I spent a lot of time trying to decide if I wanted to bring the sling or the stroller. The stroller is wonderful because then I don't have to lug around a diaper bag filled with lunch and water bottles, but taking the 'L' (I recently read that that is the proper way to name the 'L') with a stroller and navigating downtown crowds suck. My preferred stroller too big to navigate svelte-ly, but my umbrella stroller isn't comfortable for Abigail or me for long-term use. In the end I made the right call because my destination of choice's handicap accessibility was reverse engineered into the building. (IE, it's a big pain in the ass).

Free resident day at the aquarium. I discovered that the free pass only encompasses the general admission price, which is a whopping $8, and you can't buy upgrades to the special exhibits, like the jellies you see advertised on the building. In order to see the jellies, which I really wanted to do, you have to pay $30 (if you went to their website, you see that the jellies cost an additional + $3, but residents get $3 off, so -$3 for me). It was fun, though, as a once-in-a-great-while thing. And this is part of the reason:

By the time I took this picture, I'd already been in line for about 20 minutes. All-in-all, it took at least 70 minutes to get inside. Surprisingly, it wasn't as crowded inside as the out-the-door line would have you believe. I love these beautiful, old, historic buildings. So much character.

And Abigail LOVED it. She has a thing for fish. I'm not sure if she thinks the fish tanks are computer screens, but ever since she was little, she's loved watching fish swim around. Humorously enough, when she was little and we spent lots of time in doctor's waiting rooms, we seemed to watch a lot of Find Nemo. For some reason, 90% of the time, that was the movie playing on the tv in the corner. So, yes, apparently we're fish people. My cats will be happy to know.

Abigail prefers large fish to smaller ones, she doesn't really care about turtles, but she loves sting rays, dolphins, big schools of shiny fish, and upside-down sea horses. (He was swimming upside-down and backward. It was a little twilight zone-y). Anyway, here is a dark and blurry picture of Abigail crawling along a bench right outside of the dolphin exhibit, trying to keep up with the dolphins:

I post it for all of Abigail's adoring fans who read my blog solely for baby pictures. I figure it's better than nothing.

Anyway, yesterday Abigail officially turned 18 months, which makes her officially 1.5 years old. That is all I have for you today, I apologize for the lack of editing I plan to not do on this post, which I know it needs cause I'm pretty sure I used the word "ass" three times.

Grateful? No bed bugs. Or cockroaches. (I can't find the blog post to link, but I'm referencing the apartment in Florida we moved in to after Abigail was born which was infested with cockroaches. It was disgusting).

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