24 October 2012

Baby, I Mean Toddler, Pictures

Frugality Update: I don't have anything to report yet. I'm making liquid hand soap right now (Tuesday) but writing this post to appear tomorrow (Wednesday), so I can't tell you if it works out or not. Taco seasonings = mostly successful. I lessened the meat and upped the black beans, but I don't think the black beans absorbed the seasoning as well. The beans were canned and I have another frugality goal to (finally) learn how to cook with dried beans. I also jotted down a recipe for homemade vanilla pudding and homemade crackers, which I will try out later this week.

On to more exciting things. Like my life lately. While the rain took a brief hiatus over the weekend, for which I was grateful, it has otherwise been raining with a vengeance since Thursday 11 October. Wednesday (your today, my tomorrow) promises to be gorgeous. I'll believe it when I see it. My iconic big city alleyway:

Rain, rain, rain. So we're cooped up inside.

Disclaimer: my kitties are always cooped up inside because I don't believe in outside cats. But anyway.

A two day headache had me wishing I was doing this:

But instead I've been chasing this:

It is Abigail's mission to catch a kitty. She tempts them with toys and grilled cheese bites. Occasionally she wins and the kitties sorely regret it.

I've started putting toys and pacifiers just out of Abigail's reach to coax her to start walking.

But it usually just earns me this face:

Abigail's eating strategy involves shoving as many grilled bites as she can into her mouth at once, chewing them with her four teeth while making this face:

And before they are even down her throat, she bangs on her tray demanding more. She is so independent that Matt and I joke that she already thinks she's ready to move out. The therapists always give me a weird look when I reference the joke as she expresses her independence in therapy. I think they think I shouldn't think about her moving out. But sometimes I think of her more as a person and less as Down syndrome.

After lunch, we make a lot of this face:

Some of this face:

And occasionally this cute face:

Meanwhile, kitty sees a suspicious leaf fall:

She stands still as a stone statue for a solid two minutes before she goes all bad ass on that .... baby gate.

We went to this unbelievably amazing grocery store that seems totally like a farmers market. I plan to dedicate some serious blog space to singing its high praises. Above: mommy, baby, and daddy pumpkins.

Above: I took a clear picture and then made it blurry in photoshop to make it all artsy and stuff. It didn't really come out like I'd hoped, but oh well.

And then I post this picture because it will make my husband happy:

It took him months to pick out that diploma frame and the colored mats. We bought it with gift money he got at graduation. So if you gave him money as a grad present, this is what he spent it on.

And then I post this picture because I think it will make you happy:

And OMG, it even has real pockets.

Well, that is all I have for you today/tomorrow. And one day soon I promise to make good on my promise to have Matt blog.


Matt said...

Thanks for the pic! "I'm so happy!" :D

And its not my fault I haven't blogged yet. Oh wait, yes it is. ...

In A Perfect World said...

I believe in outside cats! Especially when my reluctantly indoor cat whines all day because he can't go outside! LOL!

P.S. Super cute chica pictures!