31 October 2012

31 Days - The End

I am sorry I have been so absent lately, my friends. These last few days I have been feeling particularly and inexplicably exhausted. My routine hasn't changed, I didn't switch up my diet, I've still been drinking regular coffee, yet for these last few days, I've been napping when Abigail naps and still falling asleep on the rug on her floor while she plays. WebMD thinks its likely either a virus or multiple sclerosis. The verdict is still out.

In the meantime, I was flattered to be chosen as a guest blogger on an up-and-coming etiquette blog to discuss the etiquette of diction.

* * * * *
Today is the 31st day of the 31 Days Campaign. I tried to live frugally these last few weeks in hopes of saving money to pay off our law school debt faster.
I tried making bread, tortillas, crackers, soups, pudding, liquid hand soap and mixing in-season fruits and veggies I'd never heard of in dinner recipes.

I learned about freezing produce and homemade goods.
I decreased the amount of stuff I buy and became less resentful of using the resources we already have to creatively make something we couldn't otherwise afford.
I realized that I already had frugal-istic tendencies.
And I increased my awareness of how many other things I can make myself. The frugal living campaign ends today, so you can expect fewer posts centered around frugality in the future, but I really like making this a part of who I am, so the theme will still be present. Although unlike when we were in law school, this time the frugality is a choice.
Participating in an official campaign was a lot of fun. I enjoyed having a theme already in place each time I logged on to blog, I enjoyed the "New Year's Resolution" feeling of doing something new/kicking something old, and I enjoyed writing more. This is the 18th blog post in those 31 days, meaning that I blogged slightly more than every other day.
Happy Halloween, everyone! If we go trick-or-treating (I'm not sure if they do that sorta thing on our block), Abigail will be going as a butterfly. The costume (much of which comes from her birthday party in May) will work very well around her pink peacoat, keeping her warm on this chilly evening. Anyway, if we go, I'll be sure to take pictures : )

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