27 December 2009

Finishing Finals

We made it through finals. And it wasn't that difficult. For me, anyway.

Matt surprised me with his dedication to studying. I even tried to deter him one night (hey, it was still a few days until his next final) with a movie at a plushy theater in Naples. No dice. Anyway, he spent much time studying, but since he was home for many days, he also did a few chores during his breaks. Although he wasn't adventurous enough to make dinner, he vacuumed, did dishes, ran errands and all-around made my life easier, which was really nice considering the work I still had left to do before we left.

We flew to Michigan on Dec 23rd to visit family. That's where I am now, on my in-law's couch, waiting for a 40 MB file to upload (trying for the third time, takes about 1.5 hours each time--lovely) for work. Yes, I still have to do work while at home. 10 days is just too long to be away from the grindstone; I don't want to get too far behind. I spent some time this afternoon working and am trying to finish up so that I can play some Euchre (it's a Michigan thing). It's not looking good.

We don't have a lot of cash and we're trying to save as much as possible, so we flew up (save more by working those few extra days instead of driving) and are staying with family. It has been a good Christmas so far, and I haven't even gained a single pound! Yay!

There is something very warming about sitting around a living room after eating a delicious meal that I cooked with my sister-in-laws, talking about life, joking about life, watching the kids run around with their new presents, while it gently snows outside. Yeah, I needed this. Almost every day we have some such evening scheduled, several afternoons already booked with lunches with friends. Matt is loving this too, all the relaxing, reading for pleasure. As much as I miss my cats back home, I sure am enjoying this.

PS. I got the complete National Geographic on DVD. Every single page from every single issue since 1888 on my computer. As soon as this ad uploads, I'm downloading. Maybe Euchre can wait.

01 December 2009

Thanks for Making Me Stronger

I feel tough today.

I deal with a LOT of stress at work. I work 6 days a week every other week, I cook, I clean, I do laundry, I eradicate bugs, I plan girls' nights, I write Christmas cards, I make Christmas presents, I make Thanksgiving dinners (not even using canned pumpkin in the pumpkin pie), I work out regularly, I eat well, I sleep 7-8 hours a night, I run, run, run. I somehow have good hair days, play with kitties, read books, recite Rosaries. I balance insurance, do the finances, pay bills, make arrangements to go home for Christmas, design business cards, design party invitations.

I feel like I am juggling two dozen things at once and I am succeeding.

And when I fall asleep on my husbands shoulder at night, I feel tired, I feel satisfied, and I feel fulfilled.

I feel like I am kicking some major butt. I feel very emotionally, physically, and mentally strong. I feel very spiritually humble.

I am both the domestic goddess and the bacon getter. Today is the day I get to feel pride in what I do, I get to reflect on how far I've come from Ypsilanti, Michigan to Naples, Florida. Not just geographically, but intellectually. I hope that every girl earns a day to feel like this.

Don't mess with me right now. Today, you'd lose.