23 November 2009

Just the Mundane

Phew! Well, I'm entering week four at work. I'm finally beginning to feel somewhat energetic when I come home. At least enough to a point that I don't feel like collapsing the second I get off work. My job is very mentally and physically demanding, so I am pretty beat when I get home. I am a Marketing Director for a Realtor who deals only with high-end, water-front property. I really enjoy it. I'm busy enough to work 9-5 Mon-Fri, plus extra hours on Saturday doing showings and what not.

Matt is feeling pretty swamped at school. The reading is piling even higher and some of his professors canceled a few classes for conferences, so now that they are having make-up classes in addition to pre-finals studying (making outlines, doing practice exams, etc). Even though he's so busy, he has been helping out a little around the apartment. It's pretty nice having help with the dishes, vacuuming etc. We like to bet each other on little things. We used to bet candy bars, etc, but now that we're calorie counting and trying to lose weight, I'll bet him chores. Hehe.

Anyway, life now that I'm working is pretty busy. I don't know how dual-income families function, and humorously enough, I was raised in one! I'd like to say that I do a chore a night, but what really happens is that some days I do chores all night long, while other days, I pretty much drop Matt off at our apartment and take off to run errands or go to girl's night or something. Lately I've also been working out at night because I just don't have enough time in the mornings. Next semester will be easier, as he has more 9ams than 8ams.

I'm very excited to go home for Christmas (29 days!). I think about it a lot. I still have been thinking a lot about kids too, but I'm usually too tired to dwell. I also try avoiding the topic since I'm not sure what will happen trying to balance work and a new baby. Except now, I have enough distractions that my thoughts don't rule my every waking moment!

Sorry I don't have anything particularly insightful tonight, just the mundane.

16 November 2009

No rest for the weary

My four hours of personal time when I get home from work (6pm) before bed (10pm) is being quickly eaten by chores, cooking, and errands. But I am still liking my job and things are going really well for me at work. Matt studies every evening as per usual.

Today he said, "You know, lawyers are notorious for procrastinating. But really, they are so busy that if it isn't due tomorrow, it just isn't a priority." So true, so true.

11 November 2009

Stress Relief

Prayer=instant stress relief.

How many meltdown panic attacks will I give myself before I start realizing this?

*sigh* At least I am satisfied now. More details later, but it's really not a big deal.

09 November 2009


Phew! Life is so much different now that I am working! I get up at 6am every morning to work out. Then I come home, shower, make lunches, eat breakfast and run out the door. I work 9-5. On Mondays and Thursdays, Matt has a 9am, so I get more time at the gym, but Tues, Wed, and Fri, he has 8ams, so I only get 20 min at the gym and I get to work about 45 min early. (It never ceases to amaze me that no matter how little I want to go to the gym, once I get there and start working out, I love it).

Every day I am busy all day long, I work through lunch, I usually leave around 5:15. I pick Matt up from the library and get home around 6pm. I make dinner, do some chores, get stuff ready for tomorrow, do a quick email and facebook check, read for about 30-45 min then crash in bed around 10pm.

So far I am really like my job. I wouldn't go so far as to say that I love it, but I really like it. I do all the marketing for a Realtor, and I am training to do showings. I also answer phones, do general office work, help my co-works when they need it. We're pretty equal and we all share a small office, so we all answer phones, run errands, write thank you notes. My title is Assistant to Realtor, so I also do odds and ends that he needs. He is very funny and good to work with. I really get along well with all my coworkers. I will have to work every other Saturday (open houses), but I will get to take a few hours off during the week to make up for the few hours I worked on Saturday (yay half days). My boss said that he wants me to be able to go home and be happily married with my hubby. Little does he know that all the hubby does is study : )

Anyway, that is what I am up to. Now I am going to sign off so that I can do a few other things before the night ends. It is only my second week, so I am still trying to balance all of the craziness and learn to organize my time.

Topics I want to talk about:
Thanksgiving plans
Matt's crazy study schedule

I don't know how people who work full time and raise a family do it. I now understand why fast food exists, hehe. I bet those people have two cars though, so they don't spend as much time on the road and waiting for their spouses.

01 November 2009

Finding Strength Little By Little

As soon as I typed that last sentence last night, I knew that my mindset needed to change. If there is any time in particular when life is so volatile, when our decisions will impact the future so drastically, it is now. Therefore, I should be praying daily for God's will in my life, as I want to make sure I make the right decisions at such a vulnerable time. So I prayed. I feel oddly at peace. I'm not even nervous about tomorrow! I got a bunch done around the house, so I am feeling good about myself. It's only 7:40pm, so I can still spend a few hours reading. I'm working through Anna Karenina, The Truth About Money (finance book), and Design Elements (a graphic style manual). Or maybe I'll play Risk, as Matt just chimed in asking me to battle him for the fate of the world.

You know, whatever works ; )