30 June 2009

I leave next month...

Hawking wares on Craigslist and Facebook, it seems, is not the most effective way to go. A garage would be, however, one can't have those in apartments.

We started some hard-core sorting yesterday. We went through all of our clothes, shoes, and linens (excluding mittens/hats/scarves) last night. We had a million piles: going to Florida, going to Florida but storing there until the winter, storing in Michigan, donating, tossing. It felt good to get everything sorted, but it made me want to keep going, keep sorting, keep packing. 31 days is too many to have empty drawers and full boxes, so just the winter clothes were boxed.

A few weeks ago, we went through our financials. You see, my husband had every receipt, every check stub, every bank statement he'd ever received. We went through every piece of paper (mine and his), organized into little envelopes and folders what needed to be kept, and broke our shredder destroying the rest. We condensed it down to one banker's box full of stuff. If we get audited, the IRS will probably love us so much that they will let us off scot-free.

I also went through all of our decorations, set some aside to give away, and securely packed the ones we want to ship.

I went through my jewelry, hair stuff, and makeup a few months ago, but that is all the preparing we've done so far. Oh yes, that and collecting boxes.

Later this week we'll go through our "memory boxes" and decide what we need to keep. We stumbled across all of our high school awards when we did the financials (I finally threw away my varsity award, some trophies, and some medals). I have three shoe boxes of memories, my husband has five shoe boxes, three banker's boxes, a few binders full of baseball cards. Oy.

After we get through the memories, I bet that the hall closet will be mostly complete, so I will probably just finish that off.

Later next week we'll do the desks and I'll clean out my craft cabinet. My goal is to get it to fit in one trunk. One desk and the craft cabinet find new homes at the end of next week.

My armoire finds a new home in 3 hours. The desk that was functioning as an entertainment center found a new home two weeks ago. In place of the armoire we are going to start stacking the boxes that will go on the semi.

Tomorrow I'll post on our decision for me to go to grad school. I know, we're totally crazy.

29 June 2009

32 days to go.

Wow, it's been a long time since I've updated. It isn't that I haven't thought about it, more that there isn't much to say. Everything right now is too specific of a move from Michigan to Florida. Should we drive for two 12 hour shifts or 2 10 hours and 1 four hour? How tired will we be? Too tired to drive? Then, yay to the horse trailer, nay to the horse trailer (no pun intended). Yay to the horse trailer, nay to the vehicle towing the horse trailer. Oy. The owner of said trailer returned home last night. My husband will be calling to find out the final status. In the meantime, we're dumping anything that isn't important. I think, in all, we decided to keep the mattress, my dresser, my husband's chest of drawers, and the stereo (it's big). Only the stereo will stay if the trailer can't come.

I guess I could talk about housing.

We have a list of apartments we like. I used Rent.com, then I made a list of questions, called each complex (I think I found 8 I liked). Once I had more information about each place, Matt and I sat down and compared prices, square feet, amenities, and floor plans. We narrowed it down to three serious ones, and one maybe-kinda-sort. We also found about about the aforementioned house. It is a 3 bdrm condo with 2 full baths, den, kitchen, living room, garage. No basement, 1800 square feet. We would LOVE it, but at $900/month, the price is wrong, as predicted. For what we would be getting, that price is spectacular, unmatched, unrivaled. However, without the security that I'll have a job, that is just too much of our precious money to spend. Its only other downside is that is is 30 min NE of the school (i.e. away from the gulf). Our favorite apartment complex is 10 min directly south of the school, or 7 miles from the gulf.

So why don't we have a place to live yet? Because we don't want to sign anything until we have seen it in person.

Anyway, our grand scheme is to drive to Florida, arrive Sunday night or Monday afternoon, depending on how many days we spend on the road, apartment hunt Monday and Tuesday, sign something by Tuesday afternoon, move in on Wednesday or Thursday, have the horse trailer arrive on Friday, have the semi arrive on Saturday. Ideally, we see all the apartments on Monday, sign that night or maybe early Tuesday morning, be moved in on Tuesday. But we don't know how quickly we'll be able to move in to the apartment after viewing it.

Also keep in mind that this whole time, we'll have the cats with us. They will be holed up in some pet-friendly hotel room after having spent 3 days in the car. I don't know how we're going to do the hotel thing either. Most hotels have a 24 hr cancellation policy and we won't know in advance how many days we'll need the room for. Maybe we'll get an apartment Monday evening and we won't need the hotel room. Maybe we won't be able to move in until Thursday. Oy.

I have never wanted to follow God's will so much as I do right now. There are so many decisions to be made and there are so many circumstances that can change so quickly. Some decision that we have to make now will impact us for the next three years of law school. I don't want control of those because I don't want to deal with the impending consequences. I want to do exactly what God wants because I know that will be best for Matt's future, the future of our children, my future. I pray regularly that God will show me his will and that I will not become stressed out over all that is going on in my life right now.

At 1 month out, we are too far away from move date to do much packing or getting rid of important furniture, like couches and kitchen tables. So we are just sitting tight and slowly going though belongings trying to decide if we want to ship it to Florida.

I know this is very scattered and disorganized, but I just didn't want people thinking I abandoned the blog.

PS I ran into one of our law school advice buddies the other day and he told me that law school wives are called "law school widows." Oy.

04 June 2009

How quickly life can change

As I reach my early twenties, I am starting to learn a new life lesson: never burn bridges and never close doors. No matter how remote, how far-fetched, just leave it open.

We are going to be able to take most of our furniture with us.

When we first started this process, I did a ton of research online, trying to find the cheapest way to ship our goods 1300 miles. There is none. In the end, it was going to be about $1000, give or take 10%, no matter how I crunched the numbers. We didn't want to spend so much money shipping our hand-me-downs and garage sale finds. It was to the point that if someone handed us $1000, we would have chosen to use it in Florida finding new furniture or securing an apartment than sending our furniture down.

Long story short, we can use Matt's mom's horse trailer. Yay! She doesn't work (so she won't have to take time off to drive down), the trailer is hers (no rental fees), and she already wanted to come down to help (expected gas purchases). It's big enough to hold the things we really didn't want to lose.

No word yet on a job : ( and no word back about the house : |, but the doors are still open.

Maybe with all these open doors, I'll somehow be able to get that Florida-perfect bikini I've been eyeing ; )