27 May 2009

It's okay to be scared shitless

(As it stands right now, which we all know is subject to extreme changes in short periods of time...)

In 66 days, I am going to have sold off or given away most of my belongings. Those books, cds, and and dvds which I have spent so long collecting. The ones I seldom read, listen to, or watch, will belong to someone else. The furniture I collected in college, what I spent so much effort acquiring in the months before I got married, will be gone. All the free hand-me-downs that gave us each large, wood desks, a sick stereo system, a six foot dresser, will no longer be mine. All our preparations to ensure a smooth start to living on our own lasted a short year and a half. The papers, records, magazines he's spend his whole life keeping. The supplies, the back-ups, the extras will be gone. The little-kid legos, stuffed animals, the ones we were saving wont belong to us. The lease on our apartment will end and we'll pack up the car. A few suitcases, a few kitty cats, a few surviving cds. We'll say goodbye to the semi truck as it leaves with what little we could keep. We'll pull our money out of our local bank. We'll drive for 2, maybe 3 days. 500lbs of belongings and a nine-year-old car to our name. No house, no furniture. A few lucky non-necessities will stay behind. The fine china, the winter boots. They'll huddle together in someone's basement and count down the days: 365 three times. And we'll do something we've never done before: we'll start over...with nothing...from scratch. In a place we've only ever spent 19 hours. And in my Oregon Trail life, I'm scared shitless.

But I'm okay with it. I have spent my entire life alone, and for once, I am not alone.

We'll be together for every single pitfall and every single success as a unit of two offering strength and support.

More importantly, the most important Being, inside and outside of time, is my Father.

26 May 2009

It's all about who you know...

They drill into Matt all the time: "Network! It's all about who you know!" But the same is true for all of us non-lawyerly types too. I under-utilize the advice, though very true, because I'm not a big people person. Thankfully, I am surrounded by people who are outgoing and friendly, as they build my contacts for me!

To begin, my brother-in-law found a very cheap way for us to ship our belongings down to Florida. We just bring them to his factory, he'll put them on a pallet and shrink wrap them, up to 500 lbs. Then they'll go in a semi and be shipped down to Florida. There are complications, like drop off locations, but the price tag total makes it worth it.

The second news is that I may have found some sweet contacts (yay, Facebook) to help me find a job.

The third news is the least promising. My mother-in-law knows someone who knows someone who rents his house in Naples to Ave students. Rumor has it that it's across the street from the school. We probably won't be able to afford it, but at least it can give me some hope.

Anyway, build contacts before relocating! As many as possible!